Board of Directors

Abraham Kosgei, lives in Pojoaque, New Mexico, and is a certified trainer and coach of youth and elders at the Pojoaque Wellness Center. Abraham was born in the Keiyo Rift Valley of Kenya and first came to the United States in 2004. He is an accomplished distance runner, having been selected for the Kenyan National cross-country team and qualifying for the 2000 Kenyan Olympic Team in the 1,500 meter run. Abraham devotes his energy to helping young people excel through active lifestyles and healthy nutrition .

Carolyn Karnes has 15+ years experience in wholesale and online retail distribution, as well as graphics, book keeping and photography. She is actively involved in a number of non-profit organizations in New Mexico, including Women Incorporated, which she co-founded. She is also the proprietor of a successful eBay business.

Jennifer Fresquez is a professional foodie.  Jennifer’s love and interest in food and agriculture began with her family business, Monte Vista Organic Farm, in Espanola, New Mexico.  Because of the relationships developed on behalf of the farm she continued her food/marketing career first at Bon Appetit Management where she worked as a vegetarian chef, and then at Whole Foods Market where she served as marketing director.  Jennifer has also worked as a personal chef and in various non-profit organizations in development and public relations.  She is currently working on a food project, The Street Food Institute, for the Simon Charitable Foundation in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Joseph Karnes’ 20 year competitive running career pinnacle was qualifying for the 1996 U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon. He won the Napa Valley Marathon (2:21.08), the San Francisco Half Marathon twice and competed in more than 300 cross country, track and road races . He served on the Big Sur International Marathon Board of Directors for five years as the Elite Athlete Coordinator, bringing accomplished marathoners from around the world to Big Sur each year. Joseph is a partner of the Sommer, Karnes & Associates law firm in Santa Fe, New Mexico.